They’re sprawled out on the blankets of his bed, him on top of her, the deep deep almost scarlet Gryffindor red contrasting with her pale skin and dark hair.

His moans fill the dorms (much to her horror— she had never been fond of a loud lover) and he was clearly more into it than she was, as the only noises coming from her are the occasional gasps and more frequently, “No, Nate, no,” whenever his hands slipped to close to her jeans.

Because while Andromeda Black is many things, a slag included, she didn’t fuck just anyone. She isn’t that low.

She has hit a new low, however. Making out with your friend’s brother? Okay, an honest mistake the first time— how can anyone resist Nate Riley’s charm and good looks?

The second time, not so much a mistake. More of a— and use the term loosely — lifeline. 

I don’t see how anyone could love you, the stupid Hufflepuff twit had said. Well, she proved him wrong. Look at her now, with Nate Riley. But she can’t help but tell herself that Nate doesn’t love her. Again, it’s all for status.

So when this realization hits her during, possibly, the worst time to realize anything, she starts to cry. 

She’s surprised when he stops kissing her and even more surprised when he looks at her, concerned.

"What happened?" He asks with such… shock in his voice. Andromeda Black, Slytherin Princess, breaking down so openly in front of someone; better yet, on a Gryffindor’s bed.

She can only shake her head in answer to his question, sobbing uncontrollably on his bed and hoping to Merlin that he’s not going to laugh or bring the other guys in for a show. Hey, let’s see the crazy girl! Five sickles if you can get her to cry harder!

And then he wraps the blanket around her thin, small shoulders and she ends up telling everything to him; how she’s never been in love but maybe she is now, why she is the way she is, why she dresses in revealing— no, slutty clothes. Everything.

He’s a surprisingly good listener, for Rose’s idiotic brother. He doesn’t interrupt or roll his eyes or laugh, and best of all, he doesn’t try to offer her advice.

She’s surprisingly calm by the end of it, her tears slowly stopping but still noticeable through the thick, black lines streaming down her face.

She’s strangely comforted at having let it all out, and although she doesn’t know him that well at all she’s not mortified and she knows he isn’t going to tell anyone so she doesn’t hex him. Instead, she gives him a hug, thanks him, adjusts her hair and clothes and leaves the Gryffindor tower before Sirius, James, or worse, Rose, can see her.

Andromeda Black has never been more comforted by anyone, and she’s never been more grateful towards Nate Riley.

Words: too lazy to count

Setting: Sixth year.

Featuring: Nate Riley, Andromeda Black, mentions of Rose Riley and William Dresden (referenced as the Hufflepuff twit)

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